Impressive Size with Increased Power
The Apollo™ A1000R is designed to cater large size underground infrastructure construction projects, equipped to face tough hard ground and difficult job-site conditions.
The equipment is constructed with a quality rack-pinion system and powered by a 225 HP CAT® Electronic engine. Along with this powerful engine thrust and pull-back force has increased to 44.600 tons with a rotational torque rating of 19798 Nm that is ideal for longer distance jobs and larger diameter applications.
Equipped with the features like auto half-rotation, auto greasing, climate-controlled operator’s cabin with ergonomic seats, the Apollo A1000R is operator friendly in its own way. Apollo™ 760LPM (200GPM) mud pump supports easy drilling for longer distances under tough soil conditions.
Apollo™ single piece forged (#NC-31 4.5M) drill rod provides the optimal range of strength and more flexibility with finished threads.

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