Designed for Larger-Scale Horizontal Drilling Jobs

A3000R is in a maxi rig category of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) used for longer distances, greater depths and larger diameter pipes projects. Placement of Polyethylene Pipe or Conduit Under Obstacles, Including River Crossings, the Plastics Pipe Institute laid out design and installation procedures for maxi-HDD projects.

A3000R is loaded with features to improve performance, reliability and durability, A3000R is equipped with dominating Caterpillar engine, producing a maximum of 52,376 ft-lb (71012 Nm) of Spindle torque and 160300 kg of thrust/pullback.

Our newest maxi rig design that provides the latest in mobility and performance. Rapid setup features to decrease the time and effort to get to work. Our maxi-rig class of HDD rig have become the go-to for large utility and pipeline installation. We understand up-time and how important it is to keep your rigs running. That’s why we strive to manufacture powerful rigs, built to last, and backed by 24/7 service and support.

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