Built to Counter Tough Jobs.

The A600R HDD features a rack-pinion system with a 130 HP Ashok Leyland engines. Along with a pullback capacity of 16 Tons and torque of 6000 Nm, the A600R is equipped with a variable flow water pump for a variety of tough drilling conditions. The A600R HDD is powered with three-variant drilling speeds and with greater rotational speed, which helps for more productivity. The A600R also features; automatic rod loading on the rack-pinion system to reduce manpower requirements and increase job efficiency.

The R Series is equipped with advanced electronics and powerful hydraulics, which contribute the greater performance. It also offers a comfortable wide operator’s cab (optional). The A600R uses sealed & lubricated track rollers; carrier rollers and idlers that provide excellent service life and helps keep the A600R working longer in the field. Keeping our customer’s input in mind, we have designed the A600R for durability to deliver results in a highly efficient and reliable manner across a variety of segments.

Apollo single piece forged drill rod provides the optimal range of strength and more flexibility with finished threads.

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