Compact and Powerful
Rugged, Reliable and compact, Apollo™ A900R delivers the powerful combinations of 76,280 lb. (34,600 kg) of thrust and pullback force you need to get the job done. A900R is powered by, Ashok Leyland 160-hp(119-kW) 6-cylinder turbo charged efficiently delivers tremendous power to all drilling functions in difficult ground conditions. Easy-to-operate rod loader system, Auto greasing contributes towards job efficiency and reduce manpower efforts. Climate controlled Operator’s Cabin offers perfectly designed panel for maximum visibility, intuitive joystick control, ergonomic seat provides clear view of the tool joint.
Built around a heavy-duty double rack and pinion is proven and successful to push/pull through long tough bores.
For productive drilling at greater distances, an onboard reliable 300-I/min drilling fluid pump does the job; flow rate can be adjusted.

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